Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc.

Allison's Woods Drive, Statesville, NC


  Reconnecting Children with Nature

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center

Reconnecting Children With Nature!

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc.

Known for thinking "outside-the-box". Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, offers outdoor educational programs focused on active and experiential-based learning for class field trips. We provide flexible schedules and a STEM-based curriculum that can be tailored to meet individual specific needs.

We work with schools to combine the right mix of environmental and adventure education components to support their specific goals. Our programs allow students to experience the wonder and awe found in nature, and learn how they can plan a hands-on role in creating a more sustainable environment. All of our curriculum is interdisciplinary and tied to the North Carolina Essential Standards.


  • To ignite life-long curiosity, understanding and respect for nature through education.


  • A personal connection to nature is an essential part of life.


  • Advance  general understanding of how nature affects our lives, and of the ecological systems that keep the earth in balance.
  • Collaborate  with schools by providing a variety of environmental educational programs for grades K-College.
  • Cultivate  student's curiosity, critical thinking, problems solving, and reasoning skills needed in all walks of life, and give them the tools to explore, discover, and learn.
  • Develop  a relationship with educators to make the school programs more meaningful by applying knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real life.
  • Enhance  and Enrich educational opportunities for children, particularly those underserved, to improve their chances for success in school and in life.
  • Foster  a love and respect for nature that inspires people to become responsible stewards of the environment.
  • Generate  an awareness, knowledge, and appreciation for the natural environment.
  • Promote an understanding and a desire for preservation and conservation of natural wildlife and resources.
  • Provide  experiences in using scientific processes, such as observing, measuring, classifying, graphing, and more.
  • Spark  an interest in nature and science, Nourish the inquiring mind, Stimulate  a desire to explore, Discover  and Learn  about the world around them, and Keep

  • Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization operated by a strong Board of Directors and a great team of dedicated volunteers whose desire is to simply "teach the children".  Students served include Title I schools, private schools, charter schools, home-schools, and college students. Weekends and summers consist of 4H Scientific Avengers monthly club, Boy Scout camporees, Fishing clinics for kids, as well as coordination with existing summer camps across the Piedmont to bring students to us for a day  or two of exciting activities with our instructors.

  • Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc. was established in 1992, and has been a state recognized Environmental Education Center since 1993. Since that time, students have enjoyed topics at our site including forestry, horticulture, wetlands, watersheds, ecology, geology, birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians, geography, biology, earth science, history, and physics. Current program offerings can be viewed on our Field Trip Program Guide page.


  • Our organization coordinates with state organizations to provide opportunities for educators to experience our programs as well as attend workshops for environmental education credits.


  • We also offer environmental related events and workshops for the general public and special interest groups at various locations.


  • Extended environmental research programs in the subjects of ecology, forestry, geology and herpetology can be conducted onsite.

The Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, environmental organization center. We are funded both through fees for service and through the

general support of many individuals and grantors.